The Healing Effects of Acupuncture in Constipation

The Healing Effects of Acupuncture in Constipation
Constipation is a disease that impacts the bowel motion of a person. Various surveys such as the National Health Survey specified that about 4 million people in the U.S. suffer from frequent constipation. About 2% to 27% of Americans struggle with persistent constipation which is a lot more serious and long-lasting type of this illness. Reports state that each year, about 900 individuals pass away from diseases related to constipation. Constipation has great deals of causes. The reasons for constipation consist of an unhealthy diet plan and way of life, and particular medication. Constipation might likewise be triggered as a side-effect of a various disease. Signs of constipation can be kept in mind easily. They include irregular defecation, problem and severe strain in passing out stool, and harder and drier stool than normal.

The symptoms of constipation vary in each individual. That is why there are a lot of different treatments offered. Normal constipation can quickly be cured by some natural home remedy or over the counter medications. Persistent constipation can prove to be much more resistant to such treatments. There are many pharmaceutical drugs readily available for the treatment of chronic constipation. There were proofs shown that they do have some negative side-effects such as regular serious headaches, diarrhea, queasiness, vomiting and stomach discomfort. Some medications are even considered harmful and must not be taken unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, individuals experiencing this illness turn to other forms of treatment - among them being acupuncture.

Acupuncture takes on constipation in a totally different way than the common treatments. Constipation is divided into 2 broad categories in Traditional Chinese Medicine, understood as the excess types and the deficiency types. They are then further divided into two categories. Excess type is classified into heat constipation and Qi (vital force) stagnation. Deficiency type is divided into shortage constipation and cold constipation.

Heat constipation can be easily and effectively dealt with by acupuncture. The signs of this disease include irregular bowel movements, dry and hard stool, sensation of fullness, and extreme difficulty passing out stool. Qi stagnancy can also be easily treated by acupuncture. The symptoms of this disease consist of the feeling of fullness, dry stool, consistent belching, and a sensation of an insufficient death of stool. Cold constipation and deficiency constipation, nevertheless, can not be completely treated by acupuncture. It is recommended to take herbs in addition to the treatment for the wanted results. Their symptoms typically include pale skin tone, typical to dry stool that is very tough to lose consciousness, cold pain in the stubborn belly, and queasiness.

Simply just recently, a blind, randomized trial was conducted and released in the Annals of Internal Medicine. A total of 1078 patients with chronic constipation were a part of this trial. They were divided into 2 equal groups. The first group was actually treated with acupuncture while the other group got a fake treatment. The patients went through a total of 28 sessions over two months. The results recommended that the patients who got the actual treatment revealed two times as much enhancement in defecation as those who received the fake treatment. The researchers also kept in mind that the effects of the treatment lasted for up to three months after the completion of the trial. Together with improvements in constipation, patients likewise reported a much better quality of life and general well-being. The long-term research study of this research study is yet to be concluded.

Persistent constipation is a horrible disease that affects the daily activities of a person. The majority of prescription medicines are hazardous to use and have a high likelihood of hazardous side-effects. Acupuncture, however, has shown to be effective and safe in the treatment of this illness, making it the finest option to select for clients of constipation.


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