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A generation ago, dentures and bridgework were all too typical amongst U.S. seniors. Today, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are keeping their natural teeth longer. In part, seniors can thank endodontists, the dental experts who concentrate on carrying out root canal treatment and saving natural teeth.

Endodontists' sophisticated training and access to advanced technologies permit them to save older teeth that once were thought about helpless. As people age, the canals inside their teeth narrow, making tooth-saving treatments more difficult. Using new technologies, such as ultrasonics and running microscopes, endodontists can find even the smallest canals to eliminate inflamed pulp and nerves, and preserve natural teeth. Digital imaging, which is used in place of standard X-rays to take pictures of teeth, is another tool that substantially increases endodontists' capability to find the reason for discomfort in even the narrowest root canal.

" Endodontists are accustomed to working within an extremely small space," states Dr. Marc Balson, D.D.S., president of the American Association of Endodontists. "Our background, that includes 4 years of dental school followed by 2 to 3 years of sophisticated training, permits us to perform root canal treatment efficiently on any client."

Throughout root canal treatment, the endodontist eliminates the swollen or contaminated pulp (the soft tissue inside teeth), thoroughly cleans and forms the within the canal (a channel inside the root), then fills and seals the space. A well done root canal resembles a strong foundation in a home -it allows for further corrective work to be done on a tooth with a likelihood of long-lasting health and stability.

Endodontists' training likewise assists them handle seniors' unique medical needs. The exact same prescription medications that allow older Americans to lead healthier, more active lives can present problems when it comes time to undergo oral procedures. Endodontists consistently conduct a thorough assessment of elderly clients' case histories in preparation for root canal treatment, so as to prevent damaging drug interactions and securely deal with patients with high blood pressure and other persistent conditions.

The most essential advantage endodontists use older clients is experience. Usually, endodontists carry out 25 root canal treatments each week, while basic dental experts perform two. This implies that seeing an endodontist for root canal treatment is the healthiest way for elders to avoid dentures, bridgework or artificial implants, and preserve their smiles for a life time.

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